Mane Safaris is a local tour operator organizing wildlife game viewing drives in Kenya's national parks, game reserves, conservancies and attractions sites.

Solid Safari Memories

Nairobi Safaris

We can help you plan for your family safari holiday in Kenya. Special consideration has been made on our safari itineraries to cater for families of different sizes.

Tours starting from Nairobi for multi day safari tours to different National Parks or Game Reserves.

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Mombasa Safaris

Kenya is known as the safari country. This is where safari all begun. With vast wildlife, picturesque landscapes, pristine coastline beaches, unchanged local cultures, Kenya is truly your next destination for your safari adventure.

We plan Mombasa safaris starting from 1 day to 7 days.

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Short Tours & Excursions

Our day tours and excursions will give you a glimpse of Kenya. Great for short stay visitors around Nairobi and Mombasa.

We plan day trips visiting Nairobi National Park and The Giraffe Centre with the elephant orphanage.

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Attraction Sites

Mane Safaris organizes wildlife viewing drives in premier attraction sites around Kenya

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